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NEW All inclusive Packages for Fly Me To You 50% Deposit is required by bank transfer or other agreed method. National Trips Travel via train or fly me to you Minimum fee for this is £1000 for 2 days Includes my train or flights, accommodation plus session. European Trips Flights upto 3 Hours Minimum 2 days From £2000. Includes my flights, accommodation plus session. Flights longer than 6 hours Minimum 2 days From £3000. Includes my flights, accommodation plus session **************************************************************** I’m now better than ever! Having reached 40 years old I made the decision to step back from professional domination and re-think my lifestyle. I announced my retirement and it was the best thing I have ever done. I removed toxic people from my life and have embraced new projects, am wearing an engagement ring, bought a villa, indulged with toy boys and much, much more. Can I ever stop? NO! I live and breathe this lifestyle. I adore being surrounded by strong males who offer me the gift of their submission. I am and I will always be a true Female Supremacist. Last year I allowed a bouquet of wonderful gentlemen to serve me, and in 2018 I will be even more exclusive. I’m not interested in one hour sessions, this would be a waste of my time and my passion. This is NOT a game for me! I will only take part in longer liaisons, from 3 hours to full weekends of debauchery. You may want to take me away for the weekend or on a business trip – do contact me and let me know your plans. I have a beautiful, very private apartment in Dubai, a fully equipped BDSM suite in London and a BDSM villa in Portugal currently being renovated which will be open (all going well) in April 2018. I also have a wonderful collection of BDSM toys and devices, but my most precious gift is my brain! If you have never met me – I’m all woman! Let me tell you a little about me. There is something about me, a magical aura, and this is transferred to people around me. So when you give yourself to me, I will also elevate you and allow you to be who you truly are. NO more games – if you want a quick release then there are plenty of qualified professionals, ladies that I respect who can give you that. I’m only interested in Real Experiences. If you are really looking to be owned, controlled, used and led by a genuine, charismatic, knowledgeable old-school dominatrix then I’m the one! I cater to almost all fetishes and fantasies, so email and tell me all about you. The more I know, the better. FLY ME 2 YOU International / National Travelling Mistress I love travelling, it is my passion, and I’ll happily consider all invitations to visit your home town or country. I’m equally delighted by an invitation to visit the English countryside, as a stay in Paris’s Ritz Hotel. I’d even consider flying as far as Australia for the right gentleman – as long as it’s first class ? Here are my conditions: Read carefully as you will only get one chance. Communication is to be short and succinct and all negotiations should be finalised within 5 emails. Although business class is always preferred, I still find other airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet acceptable. I do however require Fast Track at airport plus Extra Baggage allowance. I will organise and pay for my own accommodation. My visit will be at least 3 days or longer though I do understand you may not be available for the whole time. 24 hours notice is all I need Fees: Flights and Session fee must be covered. Deposits required Madame Caramel

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